Strategic Travel Management

In an age of increasing focus on process efficiency and cost containment, It is surprising that so many companies have relinquished the control of their travel expenditure to their travel agent. This reliance on your travel agent, as the sole source of travel management information and knowledge, could leave you vulnerable and possibly exposed to unnecessary risks.

Whether you accept it or resist it, travel distribution is undergoing significant change and will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

What Role does TravelWorks Play?

TravelWorks provides a truly integrated business and educational solution for companies seeking to contain their travel budget. We enhance the techniques and skills of the Corporate Travel Manager. We focus our energies on improving the "cost to service ratios" of your travel spend.

Pricing Advantages

Economies of scale through bulk negotiation, performance and quality improvement and increased efficiencies.

Specific Focus
Tender Process from Terms of Reference to Adjudication
Implementation of Travel Suppliers
Supplier Negotiation
Payment Systems / Work Flow

Process Efficiencies

The value proposition depends on supplier relationships, these are strengthened by Supplier pricing trends, discounting and variability, promised vs. delivered service and flexibility.

Specific Focus
Service Level Agreements
Travel Contracts
Cost Containment Strategy
Travel Spend Analysis
Management Reporting

Additional Services

Travel Manager recruitment
Disciplinary Hearings


TravelWorks Process Diagram

TravelWorks Clear Cut Objective

Travel Agents income is predominantly derived from commissions, overrides and incentives from suppliers?in most instances get the raw end of the deal. TravelWorks objective is to gain transparency from the vendors and to assist your organisation in containing costs.

TravelWorks Travel Management process flow is depicted alongside.

Purpose of embarking on a Travel Portfolio Analysis

Identify current status of the travel portfolio
Compare best practice - benchmark
Analyse current and future requirements
Examine current travel policy and traveller behaviour
Analyse data / determine shape and scale
Determine vendor performance
Assess true saving levels
Gauge cost of current processes
Determine workflow and improve efficiency

Travel managers who make the commitment to their own development, can make a major impact on the company's profits.

Logistics in Africa

A Strategic Business Travel Analyst (Africa) has been appointed to fulfill the need of the numerous Corporations battling to improve their travel logistics in Sub Saharan Africa.

Our hands-on, grassroots experience now gives us an in depth understanding of the unique challenges that Africa travel logistics present to organisations.

As the African environment is not well known - a high degree of support is required. More info.


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Head Hunters

The demand for Quality Personnel to manage travel has resulted in TravelWorks establishing a Recruitment Centre.

We have harnessed and secured the knowledge, experience and strategic know how of top rated individuals to facilitate the recruitment of Travel Managers for organizations. More info.

Need a job in Travel? Whether you are a travel consultant, Key Account Manager or Hot Shot leader ...if you are wishing for a change then contact us.

Bill of Health

Travel buyers need to be highly skilled if they are to produce solutions to contain company travel costs in today's travel environment. They need to gain greater efficiency and impart new skills into the procurement of travel services. How Do You Measure Up?

Our Research is conducted independently and confidentially, by skilled and experienced business travel experts. As the respondents remain anonymous, TravelWorks gives a realistic snap-shot of the status of your current travel portfolio. More info.

The Transit Lounge

Need a breather? Need a Break? Need a change of Direction? The Travel Industry is dynamic so when things are going well then so are you? It is often frenetic and sometimes downright chaotic. Mostly you can cope - but there are times when you need a break, in confidence, to mouth off about your boss, seek direction in your career or discuss a situation that needs immediate intervention. More info.

Burning Issue

Let us assist you with your travel management problem...


“TravelWorks embodies professionalism and administers meaningful business standards.”
David Brent, Cape Town.

“TravelWorks provides the most cost-effective solutions to our business. Their consistency to provide us with the most critical information at the right time helps us again and again.”
Gareth Keenan, Durban.

“Without TravelWorks' Bill of Health we would've been in turmoil - what a pleasure doing business with such a professional organisation.”
Tim Canterbury, Johannesburg.